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The PENN PRO team has had huge successes in a wide variety of industries beyond phosphate, petroleum and biofuels--here are a few examples.


  • PENN PRO Engineering provided engineering and design services to a major producer of polystyrene foam cups in Dallas, Texas expanding production by over 25%. The project added the equipment for a new manufacturing line for polystyrene foam cups. It also included a new cooling tower with pumps and interconnected piping.  The existing boiler and air compressor systems were retrofitted and incorporated in the expansion.  The control system for the expansion was seamlessly integrated with the existing manufacturing.


  • PENN PRO Engineering partnered with CCC Group, Inc., Epperson & Company, FLSmidth, and Borton, LC to design a massive expansion for a Cement Terminal at Port Manatee.  The primary design phase included installation of a pneumatic unloading and transfer system for cement from the ship to both the new and existing storage silos. A new maintenance/office building was included with the infrastructure to truck loading of cement.   The secondary design phase included installation of an aggregate ship unloading, transfer and storage system of elevated enclosed conveyors from 250’ – 900’ in length.   The storage system would segregate the aggregate by size to radial stackers for storage.  The aggregate was reclaimed by payloader into trucks.  The last phase was a cement bagging facility connected to the silos from the primary phase for truck shipment.


  • PENN PRO Engineering joined forces with W.G. Yates & Sons Construction Company for two separate design-build automated concrete block manufacturing plants in Central Florida.  The design included a manufacturing building with all utilities, to house the automated concrete block manufacturing machinery. It also encompassed the block curing room(kiln), receiving facilities for raw materials, cement and aggregate, along with packaging and loadout.

Our versatility enables us to take on specialty jobs and complete them in a timely manner for each client.