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Since our initial foray into the petroleum industry sector in the mid 90s, we have become an asset to owners who want to expand, retrofit and/or establish entirely new systems and structures.  PENN PRO has designed new petroleum terminal systems and retrofits throughout the US, from the Port Everglades and Port of Tampa to the terminals on the Great Lakes.   PENN PRO engineers have executed projects for virtually all major producers and midstream companies.  The scope of our projects have varied from design of pump and piping systems, storage tanks and secondary containment; metering and blending systems for fuel additives and biofuels, to ship/railcar unloading and truck load out—and even turnkey facilities.   Here are some examples of our work.


  • PENN PRO’s project and construction management teams were selected to provide engineering and design support to a Tampa petroleum terminal for a new 135,000 BBL aboveground fuel storage tank and transfer system. This project included analysis of the existing pump and piping systems to identify the upgrades required to accommodate the new tank.  The scope also included upgrades to the fire suppression system and electrical and control design for the facility power systems.  Once the tank design was complete, PENN PRO designed the piping modifications, pumping upgrades and truck rack changes to accommodate the new storage tank.  PENN PRO's project and construction management teams seamlessly collaborated by providing the detailed specifications to contractors and managing the field construction of the new tank, the re-alignment of existing piping and pumps to accommodate the tank, and the expansion of the existing truck rack.  At the same terminal PENN PRO performed the engineering and design for three 12-inch aboveground fuel cargo lines.  The 1,200 foot pipelines were routed from the pier and integrated into existing terminal storage tanks.


  • With the Environmental Protection Agency requiring the blending of renewable fuels into the U.S. fuel supply under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, PENN PRO was contracted by several clients to design and manage installation of ethanol blending systems throughout many of their petroleum storage terminals.  This was a concentrated effort to implement sound engineering procedures while abiding by each client’s corporate practices at several facilities across the US.  PENN PRO calculated required tank capacity by using storage tank usage schedules, pumping rates, and pipe size to verify the existing pumping capacity would be adequate to reach the client’s goals and be suitable for both fossil and bio-fuels.  During these projects, PENN PRO produced plans and specifications for the design-bid-build ethanol fueling project. PENN PRO professionals provided construction management during the fuel facility upgrades which insured that the facility was operational during construction.  PENN PRO finished several of these projects ahead of schedule and was acknowledged for providing work beyond the client’s expectations.


  • PENN PRO engineered and designed a new bulk storage petroleum terminal in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  This major turn-key project utilized PENN PRO’s EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) and startup services. PENN PRO managers took the lead role on all phases of the project beginning with a budget estimate to build the entire terminal from the ground up.  This included costs to develop the land, construct the tank foundations, tanks, pipe supports, pump pit, truck loading rack, warehouse and office building as well as materials and equipment associated with the project.  The PENN PRO teams worked in conjunction with a local civil engineering firm to obtain detailed drawings to develop the land, construct the tank farm, and entrance/exit roads.  


Immediately following the civil design, the project proceeded to the mechanical engineering and design of the facility. This included performing the required hydraulic modeling to size piping and associated pressures provided by the incoming pipeline company. A detailed hydraulic model was also conducted to properly size and specify the pumps and piping for truck loading system. Once the modeling was complete, the team proceeded with the design of the terminal piping systems. This included detailed P&ID's of the entire terminal, isometric drawings of the entire piping system, general arrangement drawing, pipe support foundation location plans, detailed pipe support foundation drawings, detailed pipe support design drawings and detailed piping drawings. In addition to the process piping, PENN PRO designed the gasoline and diesel fuel additive injection systems. This included the engineering and design of tank foundations and sizing of the pumps and piping. A truck loading vapor collection system was also incorporated into the design.  


Once approval of the design drawings was received, PENN PRO began generating material and equipment lists and obtaining quotes from vendors.  The team managed the bid documents, pre-bid meeting, and narrowed the contractor selection so the client could evaluate the best options.  Once contractor selection was finalized, PENN PRO Construction Managers were on site to receive the materials and perform complete construction management services during all phases of the project. Upon completion of construction PENN PRO assisted with first receipt of product into the storage tanks. The PENN PRO team also assisted in the startup of the initial truck loading process.


PENN PRO’s EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management) and startup services can take the lead role on all phases of a project beginning with a budget estimate to build the entire terminal from the ground up and ending with startup of the facility.